We are in service to the industry since 1971. We are globally recognized distributor water treatment chemicals that comprise of reverse osmosis chemicals, filter media, flocculants, boiler chemicals, and cooling tower chemicals.
Activated Carbons
Iron Removal Media
Filter Media
RO Antiscalants
RO Membrane Cleaners
RO Maintainence Chemicals
RO Antiscalant Balls
RO Mineral Balls & Cartriges
Biocides - Oxidizing
Biocides - Non Oxidizing
Peracetic Acid
Disinfectant and Sanitizers
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Flocullating Agents
Super Absorbent Polymer
Ion Exchange Resins
Lanxess Resin
Purolite Resins
Agriculture Chemicals
Chelated Fertilizers
Corrosion Inhibitor
Boiler Treatment Chemicals
Cooling Tower Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals
Water Treatment Chemical
ETP Chemicals
Oxygen Bleaching Agent
Molecular Sieves
Bulk Chemicals
Chiller Plant Chemicals
Hospital Disinfectants
Acid Inhibitor
Speciality Surfactants
New Items
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